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Default Re: No errant darts please


1. The striped look of the slats was just different natural shades of the hickory. I thought of trying to keep the wood sequential or book-matched, so to speak, but that turned into an impossible task, there were several steps in milling those individual tambour slats, and keeping them in order was not practical.
2. The tambour door is made of slats that fit together in a keyhole configuration, using the router bit set sold by Amana. If you google that you can find it easily. Of course, traditional methods are just slats glued onto a canvas back, I don't know which is better. I thought I would try the interlocking milled slat method, but there was a lot of fussing around with set up and finishing. My advice is to make them fit tighter than you think they should, to keep them from sliding along the long axis, they will still bend around curves. The slats slide in a track that exits out the back, if you need to take it off the wall and replace some slats. It hangs on the wall with French cleats. This is the configuration of the top and bottom pieces before assembly:

3. yes, we throw darts at it. I am making a replaceable backerboard behind the dartboard itself, to allow for minor mis-throws.

I get your point about the scoreboard, gray or green chalkboard might look better, but then there would be the chalk dust, so, ... . At any rate, when ordered I was most concerned about dimensions, swapping out the scoreboard is just a couple of screws, easily done if I decide to change the aesthetics.
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