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Default Re: My attempt at bowl turning

Peter, I haven't turned any green yet, no. But I aspire to turning live edge bowls. I love to see a delicate bowl with bark around the edges. But I'm learning to walk before I run.
The dry wood I've been turning, especially the maple, is tough to turn. The tools heat up and then there's the tearout. I spend the same amount of time sanding as I do turning. About an hour each. I get better results with a sharp bowl gouge in terms of tearout but again, keeping it sharp is another thing. I just bought a Oneway Varigrind 2 jig, but have yet to play with it.. Also not pictured that I bought and love is the Easytools Easy Chuck. Just what I need, another expensive slippery slope to slide down on!

Mike, I love my lathe. I too took a turning course around 15 years ago at Worcester Center for Crafts but never got around to buying my own lathe until recently. I'm sorry I waited so long!
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