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Default My attempt at bowl turning

I bought my first lathe last year, a Powermatic 3520b. It's been fun learning and I can see why many get addicted. It's a great way of getting rid of shop scrap too. I really like turning bowls. Nothing big as of yet, just the small sort shown in my pictures. If I have an hour or two to kill and want to blow some steam it's a great outlet. My focus for that time period just what's in front of me, nothing else. It's a great escape and can be done start to finish in a short time.
These small bowls have become quite popular among friends and family. If we go over someone's house for a dinner party, my wife fills one with candy then wraps it with some nice gift cellophane, tied with a bow. It looks like a mini gift basket.
They're also nice to have around the shop to sort parts. The ash bowl pictured with snickers bars is a scrap cutoff from my roubo bench. The spalted one is sassafras and the other one is hard maple.

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