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Default Re: Anyone own the rotating base?

Originally Posted by rutager View Post

I was referencing the Tormek holder that is mounted on your bench grinder, not the Tormek machine itself; I thought it was odd that in the instructions that came with it, it only lists about three jigs, all of them for wood turning. I have been using it without problem to change the primary bevel on some A-2 plane blades, which would take forever on the 90 rpm wet wheel, but goes fairly quickly on my dry grinder. I then do finally honing on stones, not even using the actually Tormeck machine.

So I guess my real question is: have you heard of or can you see any issues with using the blade and chisel jig or other jigs on it?

Here's a link to the instructions, where they only list certain jigs

Hi Rutager

Ahha ..

I have this on my website, article written 5 years ago ...

That will give you an idea how I use mine.

Regards from Perth

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