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Default Re: PU, or is that Phoulugly!

Originally Posted by Ausrob View Post
It's plastic and looks it, it scratches easily, it's gloss is artificial, it is not particularly easy to apply and other than that, the gloss will yellow over time. I'll settle for burnished oil every time. 'Course it could just be me and it don't get along!


I can remember when it first came around here in the States. 'Miracle Finish'.... So much better than regular varnish or Shellac or Lacquer... You put that stuff on everything....
then, we all found out how it doesn't like to be recoated, how hard it was to strip off with the sanders and abrasives back in the day, and the yellowing like you mentioned.......
The cracking and crazing after a few years was annoying too. Built-in antique feature.......
I haven't used the oil based stuff in years. I think the last thing was our kitchen floor in '96.
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