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Default Re: New here, so posting some projects

Thanks everyone for the very nice comments.

Charles -- I goofed up the attachments, so the step stool is now there.

I'd say the corner cabinet and the step stool were some of the most challenging things I've ever built. The china cabinet door with the inset glass and trim around the glass inside the door took the longest. Cutting and planing and routing that maple was a bit of a challenge. And the maple in general was a challenge for me, to prevent chipout.

The step stool required super accurate rips since the pieces are randomly placed pieces with widths of 3/4", 1-1/2", and 2-1/4". Everything had to fit precise so I wasn't planing or sanding for months to get it all to fit! It will have to be a few years for the "experience" to wear off before I'd tackle that one again!

I was amazed at how much simpler that dog bowl stand was to get cut out, using the track saw. Next buy is a Domino. I am really looking forward to building some cabinets and picture frames using Dominos.

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