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Default Re: MFT-XL, a super-sized MFT-style bench

Yes, that is a BT3100. A great little saw. I've had mine about 10 years, too. Until I bought it, I used a radial arm saw for everything. Now the RAS is for crosscutting, and the table saw for ripping. I bought the Festool track saw primarily for breaking down sheet goods. After getting the track saw, I decided the BT3100 would serve my table saw needs for awhile longer. A few months ago I put a Forrest 30 tooth rip blade on it, along with the stabilizer disk. I recently had to rip some 8/4 oak and it breezed thru it.

I've been a member of the BT3Central forum since I got the saw, which is a great site to get tips on getting the most out of a BT3000/3100 saw.
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