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Default Lathe Stand

About a year ago my daughter wanted to take the pen turning class at Woodcraft, and wanted me to go with her. We had a good time and ever since my favorite sales guy at Woodcraft has been working on me to buy a lathe... Well a few weeks ago I walked into a local version of Home Depot to find a Jet 12-21 lathe for 25% off, well one thing leads to another...

The lathe was a good price but the stand was way over priced, so I built one. Looking on Craigs list for a used glue lam for a top I found a lady who was selling her late husbands wood stash. Thick Maple slabs for 4.00 BF and thick slabs of Myrtle for 5.00 BF. I stocked up and this stand for my new lathe is the first project.

I used the 8/4 and 12/4 maple from the stack I bought and left over Purple heart from my bookcase project. The design I copied and modified from a posting I saw on Lumberjocks forum.

Construction is glue and 2X Miller PH dowels. Target Coatings 9300 Polycarbonate Urethane, semi gloss.

I now have it curing in my living room being the garage is so cold. My wife says it will be a waste to mount the lathe on it!

A new skill set to learn.

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