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Default Re: Planked Half Model

Thank you John,

Right side up view.

This is a view of the inside of the planked model.

I put a deck cap on the model, prior to fitting the topmost plank, the sheer plank. This closes off the model so you are looking at the exterior form, not the internal structure. The profile board and molds were cut shy of the actual sheer by 1/8" to allow for this deck cap. It was fitted to fall inside the sheer plank, flush to the molds. Before putting this on, I glued solid blocks onto the profile board that allow me to fasten the final, permanent mounting board to the model. While working on the model, I just screwed through the profile board into my mdf backer from the inside. Before I closed the model up, I had to remove these, and go in from the outside.

This shows the deck plank in place. The model is now fastened from the outside to the backer board, which ultimately will be replaced by a nice plank.

In this view, the model is all closed up, and the covering board and rubrail have been installed. These are Spanish cedar, appropriately scaled for the boat.

Here's a shot of the model, set vertically in the vise to trim the rubrail at the stem. This vise is the best thing I've bought in a while. It's a Chinese knockoff of the famous Versa Vice. I tried to get the original on Ebay, but just don't have the patience for the bidding wars on rare "ish" items. This Shop Fox Parrot Vise performs pretty well, and is a good price. I don't know how I managed without one!

In the background is a 1936 Old Town HW, awaiting restoration. I may start in on that over xmas.

Meanwhile, more on the model later...
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