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Default Re: Planked Half Model

Planking up a model is just like planking a full size boat, but the pieces are smaller. It's interesting though, just how thick and workable 1/16" actually is. In the ends of a lapstrake boat, gains must be cut in the planks so that the plank faces end up flush right at the end of the boat. In other words, the lap merges to a smooth surface. On glued lap boats, like those I build, I cut rabbeted gains. I run a fine backsaw along the lap line tapering the depth of cut from a full plank thickness right at the end, to nothing at a point about 15 " back. The gain has a winding bevel, as well as a taper.

The photo shows a rabbeted gain. Also, the previous plank's edge has a bevel along it's entire length so that the next plank will land perfectly along the overlap's faying surface. In this case, the overlap is 1" - 1/8" at this scale. You can see how the planks merge from lap to flush at the end of the boat.

This photo shows a plank bevel, checking for a flat surface to land the next plank on.

More later. I'm off to pick out some rift white oak panels for a job.
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