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Default Box in Recycled Jarrah

Recently I was lucky enough to score some Jarrah floor boards from someone. When people give me second hand timber, it is my custom to make them something out of the timber that they gave me as a thank you. Usually it's either a frame or a box, or both.

This time I made a small desk box. All the timber is from the floorboards. The boards were trimmed of their tongue and groove, then dominoed together to give a board wide enough to make the entire box. The lid panel is made from a board resawn and thicknessed to 6mm, then cut to length and joined to make the panel.

The finish is Tung Oil/White Spirit mix (1:1), hard burnished and rubbed down with a dry cotton cloth.


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box-recycled-jarrah-front_closed.jpg   box-recycled-jarrah-front_open.jpg   box-recycled-jarrah-3.jpg   box-recycled-jarrah-4.jpg   box-recycled-jarrah-5.jpg  

I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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