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Originally Posted by Okami View Post
I'm looking forward to seeing more progress, Charles! Any thoughts as to the finish to be applied?
I'm in the "75" club and my 75 also bogs down in solid wood. Multiple passes was my only option.
I have been thinking about the finish for a while. I am very happy with the Pure Tung Oil that I have been using elsewhere, and haven't yet decided whether I will try to fill the grain before applying it or perform some slurry sanding to fill the pores during third and fourth coats of oil. I plan on covering it with a couple of wiped on coats of a varnish/tung oil mixture followed by rubbing out and wax.

Except for the hanger bolts, leaf aligners and custom mounting hardware for the tops of the vault trim, all fastening of the major table components will be performed with 1-1/4" fine thread pocket hole screws. The Kreg pocket hole bit has been heavily used in this build.

I came up with a list the other night of over twenty steps to perform before starting the finishing stage. So I should have enough time to test out the finishing process beforehand.

I'll be putting up more photos when there are interesting techniques to describe.

Tools I Have Made: 3 Mallets, Layout Knife, a 1/8 inch Skew Chisel, a 1/4 inch Skew Chisel, Miter Box, 1/8 inch chisel, 3/32 inch chisel (from 3/32 Champion punch), Tool Cabinet
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