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I have been busy dimensioning the lumber. The poplar parts have all been created. A few holes still need to be added to the frames. (The poplar will not be visible, except to small animals or children crawling underneath.)

All of the 'show wood' is south american mahogany. All pieces have been dimensioned except for the table leaves. The legs have just been dimensioned today, and I am very glad I chose to make them no larger than 2.75". I have officially joined the '75-club', that exclusive group of people who have used the TS75 at its maximum depth setting to cut cleanly through pieces of wood that required just that setting.

There wasn't much blade below the bottom of the piece, but enough for a clean cut.

I ended up taking two passes, as the motor was bogging down. I am sure I could have just done it in one pass, but I hate it when my machines complain to me.

I also looked further into accessory channel design and usage, and discovered that 'geekchic' offers accessories that slip in/out, and accessories that lock into the channel. One of the reports indicated that the non-locking variety can be accidentally dislodged much too easily. I will be doing a little experimenting with channel design and locking mechanisms before cutting the channel into the table sides.

Tools I Have Made: 3 Mallets, Layout Knife, a 1/8 inch Skew Chisel, a 1/4 inch Skew Chisel, Miter Box, 1/8 inch chisel, 3/32 inch chisel (from 3/32 Champion punch), Tool Cabinet
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