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The Sketchup file now has a new version and link. Hole positions have been added and dimensional layouts of the various pieces have been added to the model so that it is easier to see the details. The Sketchup file is located at:

Game Table with Dimensions

A set has been created in Flickr which currently illustrates the building of the frame (out of Poplar). Comments have been added to many of the photos in the set.

The link is Game Table

Oh, I hadn't yet mentioned that I will be making two of these tables. That is why there are so many frame components in the photos.

Here is the photo of the first glued up frame
Tools I Have Made: 3 Mallets, Layout Knife, a 1/8 inch Skew Chisel, a 1/4 inch Skew Chisel, Miter Box, 1/8 inch chisel, 3/32 inch chisel (from 3/32 Champion punch), Tool Cabinet

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