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Default Re: How much force to tighten?

Originally Posted by joraft View Post
I'm sure Craig Feuerzeig will weigh in here with more info soon.

Hey Rob, to the forum!


Originally Posted by rjwz28 View Post
Those of you who have used the Bowclamp cauls before...


Indeed. Welcome Rob! All info sounds right. F-clamps will give you about an 1 1/8" of thread to work with, and you'll want to avail yourself of all of it by backing the screws out before hand...and as Okami says, pre-stress the bowclamps by squeezing some of the bow out while setting your clamps in place. I think you can see that at a little at about 1:18 in the video. Takes a little practice, but that will save some valuable thread length (also helps hold things in place).

And as for the tension in tightening... a few drops of oil on the threads will go a long way.

And thanks for your interest Rob. And thank you guys for help chiming in. I'm sure Rob would rather hear from you guys.
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