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Default Re: Out with the old...

Sanding Abrasives additional info from a user perspective:
Granat- fast becoming the all-round paper for many users and shops. Pricier than other Festool Abrasives but last a long time for many tasks and doesn't clog easily. The paper backing IS a bit thinner than many of us would like in certain grits, but as long as you don't slam or tear the edge of the disc, you're usually OK. Bare wood, Finishes, Paint, Metal, Plaster, Drywall compound at times, it really seems to do it all.
Rubin 2- longer lasting version of Rubin 1- Doesn't seem to have the earlier versions 'fade' out of quick cutting when a disc was still fairly new and not used much yet. Bare wood sanding seems to be still the most usage.
Brilliant 2, the old stand-by. Although I love Granat, I hope Festool doesn't kill off this paper anytime soon. The paper backing is tougher than the one on Granat when I use it, and it does so well with painted surfaces, finishes. Although I rarely use it for sanding bare wood anymore since I finally bought Rubin, Saphir and Granat, it WAS my single paper from Festool that I started with in 2004. I used it for everything
Saphir-- You're faced with some tough sanding, or nasty surfaces. You discover Saphir, a slightly hidden gem in the abrasive line-up. Heavy backing on the discs, takes heat build-up well, and while not great with old paint or other clogging finishes, can work well at stripping away years of build-up or just a lot of wood. I believe it's also pushed for the rough sanding of drywall compound with the large discs of the Planex Sander.
Cristal- I don't use it as much as I thought I would since Granat came out, but it's a great abrasive for weathered, painted surfaces. I would love to be able to get it in the round pad size for the RO90, but no luck from Festool with that. So, I tend to use 40 Grit Granat in place of Cristal for the jobs that I need either abrasive for.
Vlies- resembles 3M Scotchpad abrasives, I use these with Surfix or other oil finishes for burnishing the wood. I also use them for abrading a surface to remove surface defects or rust[wood or metal] Several grits, I tend to use green and white discs for my needs unless I need the coarser grits.
Platin 2- So far, I've only used it for oil finishes for a finer burnishing than what Vlies could deliver for me. I believe it's Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Those are just my notes, and your mileage may differ...
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