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Default Re: Ebonizing walnut or oak

India ink works, and dissolves in alcohol. To me its not a lot different than a dye, though depending on who made it, sometimes it can have a purple tinge to it.
Black dyes are the "right" answer, again it's the same thing. Who made it, how well it penetrates and covers.
I've tried several. I am as 100% sold on WD Lockwood's black as I'll ever be on any finishing product. Walnut is the perfect base for it as well (oak's open pores I think look gaudy when its black).
Heck you can do poplar with it, and after a clear coat ask people to figure out what the heck it is. It looks so black they think paint, but then you still see all the grain, what could it be?
flashintro #60 Ebony black
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