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Default Re: Out with the old...

When I used festool paper in the past, I prefered Brilliant over Rubin. Hasn't Rubin been updated? The old Rubin, I felt was poor. As you mentioned, Potosan, the initial cut performance was good, but rapidly degraded into a state of semi-cut. Very annoying and costly when you have a lot of sanding to do, to a deadline. I'd finish up with a pile of disks that looked like new but with the cut capability of paper several grades above (#120 would cut like #240).
I haven't used the new Rubin, but I guess they may have tried to improve that.
Isn't Granat (spelling) an improvement over Rubin and Brilliant? I've heard it's not a bad paper.
I got bummed with my festool sanders several years ago and got rid of them all.
Since then, the Rotex90 has caught my eye. I haven't tried one, but when my Small Metabo dies I might have to
If all your sanding is done in the shop on projects, air sanders are the way to go. Dynabrade takes some beating.
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