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Default Out with the old...

These three sanders were my mainstay for the last thirty plus years of construction and cabinet making. I only starting wearing a dust mask in the last ten. What bothers me most these days is the dust you end up wearing and smelling on your clothes. Even after blowing it off with the air hose, there is always that aroma... that now aggravates my allergies.

I have a few projects lined up for the summer so this week I succumbed to the Festool system of dust extraction... which of course means new sanders.

My needs are pretty simple. Belt sander for prepping face frame/door stock, orbital for pre & after assembly sheet goods, random orbit for smoothing face frame/door joints.

In staying more or less with what I'm used to, I ended up with the RO-90 to replace my PC random orbit. The festool is waaaay lighter than the PC and seems better sized for face frames. After a few tests I'm happy with the results. I was a little worried about it dishing with the smaller head size, but I switch to the hard pad and it doesn't seem to be an issue.

Then I went with the ETS 150/5 for prepping the flats before assembly. This sander I'm very impressed with. Light, smooth running, cuts fast.

I may also end up getting the RTS or DTS 400 orbital for paint prep etc post assembly. Thinking the ETS 150 might be a little big and awkward working vertically on boxes.

And finally the CT36 with boom arm. Had my doubts on the expense of the boom arm, but I'm really quite pleased. Keeps the hose and cord right in front of you which is better than the side from behind.

Am I right Festool doesn't make a belt sander? Hmmm.

So its pretty nice not wearing a dust mask and not smelling like shop grade plywood. Or my least favorite... MDF.

Funny how these plastic boxes start to accumulate...

Now can someone explain to me what are the real differences in sand paper... Brilliant, Rubin, Granut, etc. and how it relates to working with plywoods, maple, cherry, poplar and pine...???

Is it just a good, better, best thing... marketing wise?


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