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Default Re: Valfor Tools is open for business

Originally Posted by Sjoerd View Post
The red carpet is being rolled out for the new kid on the block. Thank you Fred et al. for allowing Valfor Tools to display its wares!
We are a small company that designs, manufactures and sells its own tools.
Valfor Tools does not wish to compete with any other supplier, but tries to make stuff that is unique in the market place.
We do care a great deal about the "look & feel" of our tools. There are a lot of woodworkers out there who enjoy well-made and attractive tools. We are among them!
Enjoy visiting our website: Valfortools.

You are quite welcome and I know that we as a group are going to be very pleased to have you on board. I received the three Valfor tools that I purchased from you today and they are not only beautiful but extremely well built and thought out. I was particularly taken by the presentation of your Groove Center in the excellent wooden box. Initially, I thought that you had forgotten the manual, but then remembered that I had seen a link on your website for the Groove Center and the Bit Vice manuals. The third tool that I bought is the very clever 2-axis depth gauge. I love the way you have arranged it so that by twisting the legs you can place the pin in various positions that otherwise would not be nearly as easy nor as repeatable.

Other than these tools are you working on anything that you can tell us about? Also, do you ever accept suggestions for different products or potential modifications of existing products that may be yours or others?

Sjoerd, once again, welcome and we look forward to having you around.

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