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Default Re: Hurricane insanity

I'm in Tornado alley for the past 27 years also, but I've only seen two and heard another one. The one I heard was the scary one. A storm hit at about midnight with so much lightening that it was an odd moment when it was dark. It hailed for over an hour and the tornado sirens went off. We did go to the basement and huddled in a corner between two deep freezes. The "freight train" was vibrating the house and was extremely loud. We went out later to find widespread damage around town, but it must have skipped over the whole little town we live in. It blew away several buildings at higher elevations and knocked down trees.

I'm also on the fire dept. here, and the joke is that when the sirens go off, everyone runs outside with their video cameras. Kinda like the folks that stayed for the hurricane...
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