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Default Re: Hurricane insanity

The fam has had very luck on the Gulf Coast with some rentals we own south of Tampa on a little island. The paths of several Hurricanes have been such that the gulf was either pushed out, or steered clear of that area.

Momma is from California, and will take an earthquake over a Tornado anytime. Lincoln has been spared on numerous occassions when there are major outbreaks proximal to the city. There is something about Lincoln geographic orientation that disallows Tornados in the city...not sure what that is...just know that there hasn't been a confirmed touchdown in many many years. We will get Micro-Bursts, but no rotations touching down.

The largest ever recorded Tornado was about 20 miles or so SW of Lincoln. Incredible devistation, with only one death...and that was a Heart attack, not due to the Tornado itself...ok...perhaps kind of...but you get the point.

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