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Default Re: Looking for isometric black/white line drawings of hand planes

Hey Shawn, I am interested, but the CAD program that I was most comfortable with will not work on today's computers. It was a program called Autosketch, produced by the same bunch that does Autocad. Autosketch was easy for me to work with, and had a lot of features that made it a steal as far as cost was concerned. The current version of this program is completely different now, and I am not familiar with it otherwise. I do have Autocad LT, but again, I am not that familiar with it.

Now, Sketchup is the way to go. While I consider myself comfortable with it. there are things that I still need to learn. Either way, I am interested in playing with your idea. While not Isometric, the drawings can be rotated in any direction to show features. Objects can be grouped to make working on the drawings easier, and Layers can be used to hide different parts, making the different views even more interesting.

PM me if you are still interested.

If I can produce the drawings, I should be able to save the drawing to a DVD and mail it to you. Then all you need is to download Sketchup for yourself in order to view the drawing.
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