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Default Re: Kapex vs Makita LS1216L 12"?

I bought the LS1016L Makita over the Kapex for one reason... ergonomics. I had used a freind's Kapex on a job over the course of a week or so doing a bunch of trim. To me the pull down, vertical position of the Kapex handle puts a tremendous amount of strain (pain) on my fifty six year old arthritic wrists. Especially at the last few inches of follow-through of the cut. And if the saw is on a lower bench you almost have to squat to finish the cut. The Makita's horizontal "push" down handle was way more comfortable for me.

And my Makita has the laser. Isn't that what the "L" stands for in the model number?

I love to spend money, but the Kapex' ergos killed that one.

Anyway, thats my experience.
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