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Ok, that's the end of the pre-prepared material.

These are just a few comments made by previous readers.

Originally Posted by a reader:
I still have never used any of my cameras to full potential.
My response:
I don't think anyone ever does Ray, for two reasons: they can be very complex, and nobody needs all the features (i.e. some need this or that, others need something different)

Originally Posted by a reader:
..and often have to re-read manuals for specific function settings
My response:
So glad you brought this up. Read it, use it, and re-read it. A few months later, read it again. Keep on reading it until there is nothing new before your eyes. Then read it every 12 months, to refresh. APPLY THIS PRINCIPLE TO ALL TOOLS etc.

Originally Posted by a reader:
..just try getting into menus when the shot will be gone in a flash pardon the pun.
My response:
ARRGGH! Don't start me
Ok, you started me. Having spent 10 years as a COBOL programmer, I was trained in the flow of logic, and I can't for the life of me remember where many of the things are in the menus because they are so illogical. Different buttons bring up different menus, but the half of the contents of one should be in the menus from the other button, because they are of a similar nature. It drives me crackers! As does not being able to grab the camera without a button being pressed (then you have to work out which button it was to reverse the error)

Comment Posted by a reader:
I am first a woodworker, and far from a photographer. I'm a P&S kinda guy, BUT have since have explored the camera's functions and didn't even know it had macro (+ other functions) it is only a $120 samsung ES75,

Excellent comment by a reader: I am a master of the art of what not to do. If you need any help with this aspect, please let me know. I have been perfecting my skills in what not to do in photography for 50 years. In fact, I gave up on what not to do in photography when digital came along, and am now working hard on what not to do in woodwork. I expect to master that in due course.
Regards, Mike.
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