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These are the single most useful accessory in photography. They eliminate (or at least reduce) distracting light reflections, and show the real colour that is in the subject. They will not reduce reflections from metals – to do that the light source has to be polarised as well as using a PF on the lens. They will NOT reduce the reflections from on-camera flash, and work best on reflections that are at about 45 degrees. This means that on a curved surface you may not reduce all of the reflection, but it’s all these subtle little things that make a good pic into a great pic.

A good PL will set you back around $100 or so, and you need to be careful about the type required. Many camera light meters are fooled by Linear PLs, and need a Circular PL. They both have the same effect on the reflections, so if you are shooting in manual exposure then it’s no matter.

Be very wary of cheap PL filters as they too often have a cold colour bias (cyan/blue). Nothing will suck the life out of a pic more than this. I used to have a very expensive B+W brand PL for my medium format camera, and it was superb. It was about $600 in the early 90s – as much as a lens.
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