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Default "No Comment #2" - Full project build in one video :)

Not all of you are subscribed to my blog; shame, really

My blog went dark for awhile because I was working on a project and recording the full build, start to finish. I called the video "No Comment #2" since it has no commentary other than some "what's this video" and "well that was fun" intro and conclusions. Between that is all high-speed sections, cut-aways, close-ups, and me wearing shorts; there has to be some entertainment value in that!

Since my shop is pretty green, you'll see a lot of green used.

I won't tell you what I built as the idea of the No Comment builds is that you watch and guess as you go; all that intrigue stuff. I will say the piece is contemporary so if you really don't like contemporary, there's always a very nice travelling perfumery to read about (make an appropriate comment about the paint, too)

I'll start posting build videos for it after a week or so; not that anybody else will want a contemporary grain elevator, but some of the techniques were unique especially with the Domino.

I won't be posting the subsequent build episodes here; that's what the blog is for so maybe subscribe over there (right hand column) or pop it into your RSS reader; some build entries will be text and photos so if you're only subscribed to the YouTube channel, you'll miss those bits.

There are two versions of the build video. There's a version that uses the music I've been using on recent videos. I like it; it won't offend anybody. It is the version embedded below.

But wait! There's more! There's a second Guitar Edition v11.0 with progressive rock guitar instrumentals; I found it very effective at knocking dust off the blinds when played appropriately loud.

Either way, since there is no commentary for the bulk of the video, if you don't like a song, mute it and cue up your Enya playlist.

For the guitar version (my recommendation!) you'll find the video on the blog posting.

Lastly, if you leave a comment on the video here, on my blog, or on the video itself, (which I'd appreciate!) please don't mention what was built as I'd like to keep the intrigue part for other viewers.

Back from the pee break? okay, hit play...

No Comment #2 - Full Build - YouTube
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