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Default Jewellery Box in Jarrah, Tasmanian Blackwood and Birdseye Maple.

So this is a Jewellery box made in the above mentioned timbers. The finish is burnished Wattyl Scandinavian Oil.

The lid is some pretty Tassie Blackwood with a frame of some heavily fiddle backed Tassie Blackwood.

The trays are Birds Eye Maple. There are three tiers in the box. One of the tiers is given over to a ring/bracelet/earring tray.



PS: The travelling perfumery is still going. (bigger than Ben Hur!!)
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jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-box_2_with_blackwood_lid.jpg   jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-box_open_1.jpg   jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-layer_1.jpg   jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-layer_2.jpg   jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-layer_3.jpg  

jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-lid_1.jpg   jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-tray_1.jpg   jewellery-box-jarrah-tasmanian-blackwood-birdseye-trays_1.jpg  
I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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