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Default Re: Some Bow Clamp questions

Thanks Michael... check's in the mail

A few thoughts... I assume when asking about the issue using k-bodies you mean when using a pair of opposing bowclamps, as there is no issue when only using a single. The issue is the amount of available thread needed to flatten them. There are two possible work-arounds. I've heard of others using a third clamp... first placing one near the end to close most of the way, then adding another next to it (at the end of the bowclamp) to close the gap the remaining amount.

But I think it can be done only using two clamps, by "pre-stressing" the bowclamps manually when sliding the heads into place... removing some of the bend before tightening the hand-screw of the clamp.

I hope that helps Seth. I appreciate your interest and I look forward to getting some bowclamps in your shop... but I'd hate for you to have to buy additional clamps in order to use them.
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