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Default Re: Some Bow Clamp questions

Originally Posted by SRSemenza View Post
There seems to be the possibility that K-Bodies won't tighten the Bow Clamps down all the way (read another thread here). Is that really a problem? I ask because I don't have any F style, only K-bodies.

K-bodies don't have enough screw length to wring the slack out of the curve. I tried a Quick-grip first and still came up short with the K-body. Just go to HD and get the big Pony clamps, they're pretty cheap there.

Can multiple pieces (shelves for example) be lined up in one set of Bow Clamps with success? Say a four foot Bow Clamp with four 11" shelves?

Yep. But, the depth of the shelves has to be absolutely equal. Shorter depth shelves won't get squeezed as much. In that case you could add a strip of rubber to the face of the Bowclamp.

Do the Bow clamps work well with work pieces significantly less than the Bow Clamp length? a 30" long shelf in a four foot set? 12" shelf in a 24" set of Bow Clamps?

They work, you just have to be careful to stop cranking when the clamp gets tight on the ned of the work. Over-tighten and you reverse the curve of the bow and it lifts in the center of the work.

I am trying to figure how many BowClamps and maybe F style I would need to do typical jobs. I can't ude the bench clamping method to reduce the quantity because I need to move them off the bench and I prefer to do all the edging at once , not in multiple batches.

If you have a very strong straight caul like a piece of Doug Fir 4x4 you only need one Bowclamp. You can make some panels that incorporate a caul and pegs so you only need one Bowclamp and wedges instead of clamps. Check out Craig's website.

To add edging to a long shelf you only need one Bowclamp. If you want to clamp the edging to several short shelves at once you need one Bowclapm but you need to add a strong caul on the opposite side of the shelves, assuming they're all the same depth.
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