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Default Some Bow Clamp questions

There seems to be the possibility that K-Bodies won't tighten the Bow Clamps down all the way (read another thread here). Is that really a problem? I ask because I don't have any F style, only K-bodies.

Can multiple pieces (shelves for example) be lined up in one set of Bow Clamps with success? Say a four foot Bow Clamp with four 11" shelves?

Do the Bow clamps work well with work pieces significantly less than the Bow Clamp length? a 30" long shelf in a four foot set? 12" shelf in a 24" set of Bow Clamps?

I am trying to figure how many BowClamps and maybe F style I would need to do typical jobs. I can't ude the bench clamping method to reduce the quantity because I need to move them off the bench and I prefer to do all the edging at once , not in multiple batches.

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