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Default Re: Huge Bridge City Sale

Originally Posted by JimKirkpatrick View Post
Thanks Fred! I'm holding a celebration in your honor! If I can't find the time to work with my tools, dammit, I'm gonna buy some!
Ah, Jim, I think we suffer from the same neurosis: OCTB. Obsessive Compulsive Tool Buying.

I must compliment John E & Co. for taking swift action to rectify the problem that was really beyond their control. I think the success (?) of the sale indicates how many people really appreciate the tools they make , are too cheap to pay retail and also illustrates one of the problems with limited edition tools; once sold out they may be difficult or impossible to obtain, so if I don't get them while available but need them in the future I'll be kicking myself for not buying them when they were available.

All this leads to the newly documented neurosis described above. I'm sure that not more than 98% of the posters here suffer from this condition. Confession is good for the sole collection er soul....
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