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Default Re: Huge Bridge City Sale

I loaded up my cart over a two hour period last night starting at 7 central time. Had 20 line items in the cart and 26 total items and went to checkout and got the error message of something in my cart not being in stock.

So I removed items one by one and tried to checkout. Like ten times.

Ended up removing all but three items and was finally able to checkout. Clicked the checkout button once and it took time but confirmed on success.

I then went back and added more items to a second cart. Took more time but i waited and made sure the items I added did not have a 'not in stock' message on each item.

Checked out again successfully.

Then did it again and got a third cart successfully checked out. All showed up in my accounts page so I felt pretty good.

Saw John's apology blog post today and I emailed him to thank him and indicated I had been able to place three orders.

Five minutes later he emailed me back saying they had NINE orders from me and Consuela had cancelled six of them.

They are an amazing company but even more amazing than the tools is the quality of their character.

To paraphrase that poster, 'Integrity is Contagious' and you want to do business and be friends with people like that.


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