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Default Re: Huge Bridge City Sale

Originally Posted by PaulMarcel View Post
Not that it'll help now, but for another day...

When you get into the checkout and you get the "not everything available at quantities" message, click 'edit cart' in the lower left corner. It takes you to a page with boxes to edit the quantity of each item already there or remove them. Don't change the numbers, just hit 'update' and it'll get submitted. The offending item(s) will be listed at the top of the page when it comes back. You can then edit it right there.

LOL, I wonder what my 'suspicious activity' profile is at my credit card company

Only because you asked but the "suspicious activity" on your card is sky high. I added all difficulties and frustrations from last night that might have normally showed up on my card, plus Potatoe's card, plus Alex, plus Jim K., plus Rutager. Well you get the idea and you may want to step out of both your shop and your house as it now appears that you have attempted fraud and identity theft. Once a few of us have helped ourselves to your machines and other tools, I will clear up the fraud and identity theft issues as mere mistakes, on your part, of course.

Please let me know if I may do anything else for you while I am in such a giving mode.

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