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Default Re: Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. A

Originally Posted by JonSchuck View Post
Hi all. Just discovered this site and have spent the last week or two reading lots of the threads here, old and new, trying to learn things.
I absolutely hate painting with a brush but enjoy spray painting. The few things I have built I used an Apollo HVLP and Minwax (I know nothing about paint) and the finish has seemed OK. Not that I would know a bad finish from a good one but I didn't have any runs. Now, after reading this, I realize I have a Graco XR9 sitting in the back room. Can I use this to finish the base cabinet I am making? That never occurred to me. I thought those things were used for painting walls and fences. Would I need special tips or need to do anything else special? Thanks in advance.
While you wait for an answer here, also post your question over at FOG( Festool Owners Group) in the finishing section . With any luck, Scott B. will answer it easily for you as he tests all sorts of painting sprayers for magazine reviews in addition to painting and refinishing all sorts of things.
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