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Originally Posted by SRSemenza View Post

... I am curious as to what you think of the flavor consistency of MM (Makers Mark not MultiMaster ) ? I was reading reviews that seem to suggest that batch to batch there can be quite a difference.
Seth, I've tasted from many different bottles of MM in recent years and not noticed any difference in quality or taste. But, maybe my taste for whiskey is not as refined as the "reviewers".

Originally Posted by SRSemenza View Post

... Interesting that what I would have thought was probably the standard "off the shelf" bourbon is a prime / top choice.
I think it's just like with wine, it's about personal taste, and not necessarily about price or good reviews.

One of my favorite red wines is imported from France, and it can often be found in supermarkets on sale for as little as $6.99 a bottle:

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