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Default Re: Jewellery box build for a 60th Birthday

Thanks WW,
The trays are a perfect fit. They glide along the runners and slot in next to each other perfectly.

Today I pretty much finished the box, all I have to do now is wax the outside.
I have used small 6x6mm magnets to hold the lid closed and they actually work well, despite my initial fears that they would be too small.
I made a tray for the bottom level of the box and have placed two felt watch/bracelet cushions (like in the Watch Collector's box) into it. I also made a ring compartment. I used some Polystyrene that I cut to size with a hack saw and then coated with self adhesive felt. I cut slices into the felt and Polystyrene with a blade and you can see a couple of rings "implanted" in the pics. I just have to add the plaque to the top before waxing and Voila!! C'est finis.
It's been fun. It's a big box and the size has allowed the grain and colour of the timbers to shine through. Initially I was going to use Wenge for the trays, but Jarrah has so much more class in this situation.

Hope you've enjoyed the build as much as I have. Any questions or comments, I am ready!!


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I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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