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Default Crib project

If you ever wondered what to do with 168 dominos, a truck load of walnut and the impending birth of your first grandchild - this is the result in my case:

sorry the pictures are not very good

Some nice figuring in the raised panel - my first attempt at a raised panel, and it had to be curved, of course, no sense doing things the easy way.

These pictures were taken when the pieces had just a couple coats of oil, still not done with final coats, polishing, etc., but I thought I would put it together to see how it looks. It assembles/knocks down very easily with two set of regular bed rail hardware.

This is the crib that I mentioned in the finiishing forum. Thanks to Okami for the lead on Liberon finishing oil - looking good so far, hopefully overshadows my poor craftsmanship.

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