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Default Re: Jewellery box build for a 60th Birthday

Having made the carcass, I now started the trays. These are to be Jarrah and initially I thought I might inlay a 2mm maple bead, but I decided against it and so there are just two 2mm grooves around each tray. The Jarrah was finished in Interior Finishing Oil from Organoil. After finishing the trays, I sanded back the carcass and oiled and sanded it. It's hard to show how the Maple came up, but it is spectacular and the Jarrah gives a great contrast.

Pic 1 Shows the tray sides being sanded before oiling. You can see the two 2mm grooves in the Jarrah.

Pic 2 Shows a tray laid out for assembly

Pic 3 Shows a tray glued up and drying. You can see the nice Kapex mitres (bevels)

Pic 4 Shows the carcass after oiling.

Pic 5 Shows the oiled box carcass with the trays in place.

Pic 6 Shows the lid pieces aligned and marked for domino placement. The dominoes act only as a guide and "straightener" for the joint.

Pic 7 Shows the glued up lid drying.

Tomorrow, I will finish the lid and place the hinges and magnets, thus the box will be pretty much finished except for the plaque. (Though I'll probably get that done as well.
Should look good. I hope so.


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I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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