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Default Re: Three Desk Boxes

Hi Fred,
A certain amount of the yellow is due to the light, but much of it is real. This Blackwood is recycled and came from a wardrobe in a house just nearby. The wardrobe was about 40 years old and it was finished in Polyurethane. Once I stripped it back, it was just stunning Blackwood. fortunately I still have a bit left. Here's a couple of pics of the construction process to sow you how the wood looks in better light. I have to say that the oil bought out the colour beautifully. BUT!!.....They don't make the oil anymore!

However, I have now tried four different oils on several types of timber and am convinced that any Tung oil based finish, without Poly in it will give the same depth of colour and also bring out the grain beautifully. Nex t is Liberon Fine Finishing Oil. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and two more pics of oiled and sanded Queensland Walnut. Rare as the proverbial Hean's teeh now, but I have about 5 metres of 50mm x 180mm squirreled away.

These boxes were made for three "Lovely Ladies"

Recently I had half my mouth rearranged, several teeth removed and replaced with two dentures. These ladies worked in accounts and made sure I was able to pay over a period of time. I appreciated that a lot. So I made them each a box for their personal belongings.


"The Toothless Tiger"
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I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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