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Default The Great Jarrah Table Top Renovation

So, on Sunday, I went to m'mates place to renovate his Jarrah Dining Table top with Hard Burnishing Oil.
The table was made in about 1985 from Jarrah boards salvaged from a 400 year old Wool Store.
The colour of the table when I got to see it was a dirty yellow/brown. Nothing like the dark red and even purple you normally see in Jarrah. The table top had been rubbed with Bees Wax regularly up until about 12 years ago. Since then, it's had virtually no attention. It was covered with a thick table cloth to protect the surface. Needless to say, I was keen to show just what the table should like!

Pic 1 shows the table top after sanding at 50g and 80g. I was expecting to use a lot of pads for this, but two 50g pads were enough to remove the Bees Wax and grime. From then on it was just one pad of each grit. Sanding revealed the presence of quite strong figure, but not that much of it. I sanded from 50 to 120g using the Rotex RO150 on orbital mode, then switched to the ETS150/3 for the remainder of the renovation.

Pic 2 shows the table top after sanding to 400g washing with Mineral Spirit (Turps) and flooding with Hard Burnishing Oil. I saturated the table top by flooding and soaking with HBO three times. Once for 50 minutes, then again for 35 minutes and then finally with a third coat after which I began wet sanding immediately. Doing a 3m x 1 metre table using heat friction sealing is not a job for the restless or the faint hearted!!!!

Pic 3 shows the table after sanding through to 4000g. It still needs to be thoroughly wiped down with a dry cotton cloth. At this stage, Steve (my friend) was drooling at the finish. I let him do the rub down.

Pic 4 Shows the finished table. You can clearly see the rich Red of the Jarrah now. Such a change from how the table looked before.

Pic 5 Shows the amount of figure that oiling highlighted in the table top. The character and figure in this table is absolutely beautiful. There are no other words to describe it. The slight difference in colour is due to lighting and use of flash for this pic.

I am pleased with the outcome. (So's Steve. He couldn't stop looking at and running his hand over it.


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I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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