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Default Re: Left- Handed Shooting Boards.

I'm of course very happy that the Vogt Super Chute is in the showroom at L-N. There is one aspect around it that could be improved. I actually find the circumstances hard to understand. That is, the sample boards they provide for people to try shooting on are, well, not properly prepared at all. Something like a scrap bin of leftovers, planed to thickness but with snipe, not a well jointed edge to use as a reference edge against the fence. Some figured boards had twisted faces.

The point of having a great plane and shooting board combination is for the final fitting. Anything you're going to be working on is nearly a completely finished piece. My opinion is that it doesn't help to sell the tool by working on a less than ideal set up, like using a dull blade.

I've offered to prepare samples pieces for the showroom but ....
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