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Default Konrad Video & planes

Gents & all others,

A couple of days ago a friend of Konrad posted a YouTube video on Konrad and basically why he does what he does. It is a short 2:48 and well worth watching. In addition, I received a couple of planes from Konrad the same day so as it is Sunday, you are going to get a two for one deal.

Last year, I purchased two planes from Konrad. One was the No.4 Smoother with Damascus and the other was a 1 1/4" Bayfield Infill. Konrad believes that the Bayfield Infill may be the link between the older all wooden shoulder planes and the current all metal shoulder planes. After staring at my 1 1/4" Bayfield, I asked Konrad if we could scale down two more with one at 3/4" and one at 5/8" but they had to be identical with the rosewood, stainless steel and irons made by Larry Williams except for size. Konrad immediately went nuts over this idea and then suggested the same basic idea with the No.4 Damascus as he already has a Small No.4 and an Extra Small No.4. These too needed to be identical with the ebony, stainless steel and bronze lever cap.

I call these my Double/Triple threat. I hope that you enjoy seeing these.


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