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Default Recent turnings

Simple bowl, Ailanthus. aka "Tree of Heaven", which, if you have one, you probably do not feel heavenly about it. But it turns well. Distorts quite a bit. Quite hard when dry. I like the creamy color contrasted with the black towards the pith. I don't like that some pieces get an almost greenish tinge to them.

Simple pepper mill. It's a pretty pedestrian design, but I like it.

This one has been done for a few months. I actually kind of like how the checking plays with the spalting in the maple. Usually, checked bowls go to the fire pit. It does have things I love though. Contrast, figure, a little bark. Defects can make things interesting, or just round firewood.

Kind of non-typical in shape for me, but the lines work, and the lip adds tremendously to what would otherwise probably be a non-starter. This is a tall salad bowl, walnut, and one I like quite well

In other news, got my grubby paws on some Hackberry and Box Elder recently, and have just been filling the cans with curls. I think I set out 6 brute cans yesterday. And tomorrow I'm going for the other half of the Box Elder. Can't let something like that just sit for long.

Feather in the cap moment, I got approached by a small local gallery and asked if I'd like to be in. I thought about it, but not long. Someone must think I'm getting better.

I'm guessing there are at least 75 various forms sitting over there just drying now. I am completely crapped out for storage space. And more coming.
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