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Default Re: Happy Birthday Joraft

Originally Posted by joraft View Post
Thanks, Shawn, but my birthday is in August.

You're either VERY late, or VERY early.

(I just knew I should never have signed up on Facebook)

Just go back and correct or delete your birthday.

It reminds me of a couple of guys around here who were always on each others "case." If one spotted the other in a restaurant, he would tell the waitress it was the other guys birthday and the usual parade of singing servers with a blazing cupcake would descend on the other guys table.

Another trick one of them played was on a local "Tradio" program where people could call in and announce items they had for sale. The jokester would announce that he had a herd of goats for sale and give the other guy's phone number. Naturally the prankee had no goats and had to field a flurry of calls from people wanting goats.

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