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Default Re: Anyone get a ticket?

Originally Posted by Wonderwino View Post
Having been to both cabinet class and router class in Lebanon, I have to add that there is no way that you won't have a great time! The class is great and Festool does a great job of hosting. Brian, Rick & Steve shared the instruction; Minnie arranged for food and Shane was there to make sure Brian stayed in line. We even got to meet some of the other executives from the US & Germany who were there.

And, you get a T-shirt, too! (Mine was in the laundry basket and the cat had kittens on it.)
Sounds great. Couple of questions Alex, Map Quest shows about 18 miles between the Hotel[ Fairfeld on 86th St] that Festool is reserving for me, and the HQ in Lebanon. Does that sound right?
Since I won't get to my Hotel till around 7 or 8 tonight, I'm thinking I need to drive the route from it to Festool so I don't get lost in the morning.
Or do they provide a shuttle bus from the Hotel to Festool?
Thanks for any info you can provide
Some t-shirts, a hat, some free pencils,....... way, way, too many tools,...... 1 TOOLIE, (thanks RWeber!)but mostly, a satisfied customer
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