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Default Re: Darrell Peart inspired night stand

Okami,Darrell Peart is a furniture maker that has studied the styles and techniques used by Greene&Greene and incorporates a lot of them in his work which can be seen at his website:
He has also written a great book for anyone interested in making Greene&Greene style furniture, it's titled: "Greene&Greene Design Elements for the Workshop" where he covers many techniques needed.
This nightstand was inspired by the book and has met with my wife's approval, so another is under way now.
The finishing process was pretty straight forward.
Two applications of General Finishes water based Dye Stain (7 parts Orange/ 3 parts Med Brown) were then covered with 5 or 6 coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal wipe on Topcoat. It was finished off with two coats of Rennaissance Wax

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