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Hi Jim.
Thanks for the kind words.

The dominoes are primarily to keep the inset panel and the border pieces flat. It's not clear in my diatribe, but the tenons aren't glued in. Also, the mortises, though they look like standard 1st cut mortises are, in fact, wider than the tenons, giving some movement with the weather.
I have used the same technique on a number of boxes over the past 6 years and had no trouble. The attached picture shows a Blue Gum Jewellery box, which was the pattern for the the Jarrah and Maple box. It was made 6 years ago and has a Red Gum border on the lid. Red Gum is notorious for moving. I've had no problem despite variation in temps from15 degrees C to 35 degrees C and humidity from 25 - 85%.
Thanks for asking.


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