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Originally Posted by MichaelKellough View Post
What would keep the nest upright in a wind?
A very good question, Michael! I was thinking if the base were heavy enough it could do the trick. Is that too optimistic? I thought of a model that could sink exterior supports into the ground and also help lock the base together, like crossed fingers. However that would limit the environment you could install the sculpture in so ideally I'd like to find a freestanding solution. It might make for one extremely heavy sculpture though! I'm thinking up a version that could be closed at the top, mainly looking for whatever's easiest to climb into while still providing maximum privacy for the occupant. Hopefully you can decipher my drawing:

I've got a few more drawings in my gallery, something I keep going back to is a kind of pick-up sticks notion that by binding my branches tightly enough near the base I could splay them out in a spiral that has them all supporting each other. Or, if there was a way to pair branches with lap joints and then assemble them in the same kind of circle it might solve that joint problem. But my bamboo-glue model sure had other ideas...

Tico! Thanks! Awesome artist! That's definitely the look I'm going for, right on. A bit of inspiring architecture below from vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia, the construction of his water and wind cafe - his structures are amazing because they're designed not to leave a footprint - eventually the whole thing will decompose, it's almost all bamboo or natural materials.

Pretty neat, right? Can't blame me for dreaming

Poto I love the egg-pod and it sure avoids the problem of making a curved floor, but I guess there's no way to know what's going to work until I do some life-size tests. Is there? I was thinking about the stone centerpiece idea and if I made a concrete cog to hold my branches in place while I weave everything else together, maybe there's a chance I could take it out at the end? Maybe if the piece is held together at the top with a window entrance on the side, there could be enough enough tension to keep the base in place. I kind of want to grab some bicycle tubes and start tying things into place but I get the feeling I'll break some branches and maybe get a big slap from the backlash.
Working on another model... more photos coming soon.

Thanks for your patience folks! Seems I don't exactly have the right vocabulary to describe what I want to do. How exciting! All ideas appreciated.
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