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Default Re: Building a Bench in Perth

Updating the bolts

I replaced the coach bolts. I was not happy with the idea of relying on end grain to support the threads.

I really do know know why - call it a senior moment - but I drilled out the first underbench bolt hole with a router. Noisy, the smell of wood burning, and s-l-o-w! Ugh!

The light came on, and I switched to a 12" brace with 3/4" bit.

It was amazing how much faster - and effortless - this was. The European Oak is so much softer than Jarrah. Once the hole is to depth, chisel a flat side for the nut.

The bolt hole is slightly oversized (for expansion) and is slightly deeper than the underbench hole for ease of tightening.

Here are the first two holes ...

Handpower rules!

Regards from Perth

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